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About Audere 

Tech driven multi-asset advisory

Audere is a global leader in impartial financial risk management consultancy. The company was founded to provide treasury departments and fund managers with the independent and technical expertise required to improve their risk management function.

Our clients include global financial institutions, investment funds, private equity firms, multinational corporations, and public listed entities. We also have a dedicated division serving charities as part of our corporate social responsibility programme. 


Whatever the opportunity or challenge, our clients know that the advice and guidance they receive will consistently be based on a complete understanding of their goals and objectives combined with technical excellence and commercial insight. 

Key facts

Our people

Professional, impartial & objective led advice  

Audere’s experienced board, leading technology and unbiased advisory teams, ensure it will continue to be a well-respected service provider and become the global leader in multi-asset financial risk management.

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We are forever innovating to ensure our service meets the needs of our clients in ever-changing market and regulatory environments. Our evolving capabilities offer clients across three core sectors the opportunities to innovate, save money, and create tangible efficiency gains.

Asset Management
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Private Equity
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Foreign Exchange

We help you manage your foreign exchange requirements more efficiently. Our independent approach offers proprietary risk analytics, live auction execution and innovative reporting tools that offer transparency and efficiency gains for your business.

Interest Rates

Businesses face a range of interest rate and currency risks associated with their debt positions. Our professional advisors offer the tools, knowledge and execution support needed to secure the optimal and most efficient hedging strategy for your business.


Gain efficiency improvements through a range of hedging solutions which are tailored to your specific needs. Our professional advisors start by building, back testing and simulating strategies based on your objectives and individual requirements.


Access our expertise in the energy market to ensure the risk caused by price volatility is proactively and professionally managed. Our quantitative energy experts will build a bespoke hedging strategy to protect your business against price fluctuations and ensure you secure the best execution terms.

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