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Independent multi-asset advisory

With access to a network of tier one banks and specialist non-banks , along with the major exchanges worldwide, we provide access to best in class execution, clearing and liquidity solutions. We specialise in FX, interest rates and commodities, offering independent advisory, multiple execution solutions and bespoke technologies.


We have a longstanding track-record in advising on developed, emerging and frontier markets, specialising in multiple financial markets and complex transactions. Whatever the market, our specialist advisory teams are on hand to support your treasury department and make efficiency improvements.


We provide three core advisory solutions to help clients manage their Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate and Commodity price exposures. From developing bespoke hedging strategies, accessing the most cost-effective liquidity and credit options, to gaining transparent performance monitoring.

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Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange 
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Interest Rates
Interest Rates
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Commodities & Energy
Commodities & Energy
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Pioneering new technology 'Adda Analytics'

Audere is recognised as one of the world’s leaders in multi-asset risk management technology. Our proprietary platforms, which benefit from our in-house treasury and software development expertise, deliver unique front-end solutions to our clients.


Our technology is complemented by Audere accredited, specialist third party applications. This hybrid approach and our investments in R&D ensure we are continuously evolving and providing clients with the best available solutions. 

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We are forever innovating to ensure our service meets the needs of our clients in ever-changing market and regulatory environments. Our evolving capabilities offer clients across three core sectors the opportunities to innovate, save money, and create tangible efficiency gains.

Asset Management
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Private Equity
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